10 Ways to Style Your Sofa With Blankets & Throws

Throw rugs are the ideal finishing touch for any space or piece of furnishings. They can be used as additional bedding, to spruce up a couch, or to add cosines to a reading nook. If you need ideas on how to stylishly place a throw cover on your couch, look no further! Avoid hiring an interior designer at undue expense. Here are 10 great ideas for styling a throw blanket around a couch. These tips will enable you to transform your living room couch as well as sectional into a comfortable sanctuary you won’t want to leave. They range from layering to flipping, along with everything in between. If you want a brand new blanket for your sofas, then search for blankets for sofas and follow the tips given below.

Suitable + Prim

The throw should be neatly folded into thirds down the length and draped across the back of the couch, preferably in the middle or somewhat off-centre, by the look you are going for. To hold the throw firmly in place, make sure that its folds are even and that you nestled it below the couch’s cushions. This classy, elegant look necessitates precision. If you want this design to stay sleek and stylish, avoid overcrowding your couch with cushions.

The Cut-Down Arm

This approach is simple to use for a neat yet relaxed appearance. The Folded Arm is a fantastic styling technique since it is straightforward and makes it simple to access the toss for use. If the sofa’s armrest faces the room’s entry, it’s fantastic to employ! To style, just fold the throw in half lengthwise, then in half once more. After that, fold the thrown object in half across. If the throw you’re using has a decorative edge, place it down against the back of the couch and drape it over the arm. Make sure the throw doesn’t go past the couch’s footrest.

Lethargy Throw

Another timeless style! Throw the throw blanket over the lower part of the armchair at an angle, fold it in halves vertically, and then spread it out gently towards the bottom. For an extremely informal appearance, make ripples on the highest layer of the blanket.

Hang It From The Couches Back

One of the more common ways to arrange a throw is to hang it from the back of the couch. You can fully display the decorative blanket’s colour or patterning thanks to its understated yet stylish design.

Fold It Elegantly Over The Chaise Of Your Sofa

If your couch has a chaise, you can give your living room a little more style by carefully folding the decorative blanket over the bottom edge of the sofa cushion. Place the blanket beyond the seating area first, then carefully fold it across in half to ensure one of the edges hangs beyond the leading edge with the chaise part, and the other side hangs downwards in front of the seat.

A Waterfall

Simply fold your blanket or throw it in thirds horizontally to create this style. The sides have perfectly folded edges thanks to this method. Your throw should be simply draped over the back, across the entrance of your back cushion, and over the seat. It’s not required, but I normally prefer to have a throw cushion in the front of my house.

Bundle It with a Pile of Blankets

Consider bundling up an extra blanket with a stack of other throws if you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. There is no correct or incorrect approach to accomplish this because the goal is to make it appear more relaxed. Put it in a bun and add it to the other throws on one end of the couch. The couch may appear eclectic and dynamic by using various colours, textures, and designs. In this case, a faux fur blanket would be ideal! Use small decorative pillows or couches as embellishments in the pile to complete the appearance.

The Carelessly Unequal Throw

If the throw or blanket you’re using has fringe on the edges, this look is fantastic because it highlights them! The throw blanket should be folded in half horizontally, but with one side being about 4 inches wider than the other side of the blanket. Lay it over the couch’s back, leaving the edges exposed. For a cosy appearance, make ripples in the blanket’s top covering.

With Perfect Flaws

This casual drape looks good in the majority of houses and decorating types since it is uncomplicated, warm, and inviting. But similarly, like the untidy bedhead style, it takes a little longer than you might think to accomplish the appearance of effortlessness. One method is to grab the throw by the centre and drag it around one of the couch’s rear corners.


A gorgeously wrapped blanket can be used to dress up the foot of a daybed or sofa with a chaise. The throw pillow should be folded horizontally into quarters, dropped, and draped over the corner. This simple alternative adds visual appeal to something that would otherwise be a rather space and needs no work.

Final Words:

Keep in mind to pick blankets as well as throws that go with the general style and colour pattern of your room. You can use these ten style alternatives to make your favourite seat the centre of attention and a comfortable hideaway in your living space.

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