With structures like gems and buildings that look like mechanical creatures, making sure they look their best is key. In all of the hubbub inside this vibrant city, one company makes it its mission to keep things shiny – Skyline Cleaners.

We started at the top, but now we’re here

Skyline Cleaners is a premium facade cleaning business nestled in the heart of one of Dubai’s most famous areas. With our dedication to excellence and sheer love for aesthetics, we’ve managed to rise above our competitors and take the lead in the market. We offer services for commercial, residential and industrial properties so no matter where you are in town, your building will be taken care of.

Our services aren’t just a one size fits all

Not all facades are created equal so why should their cleaning regimens be? Our technicians have been trained to deal with any surface you can throw at us. Here are some of the different types of facades we can clean:

Exterior Facade Cleaning: Using some pretty gnarly tech like state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products, our team will make sure that any outside dirt stays where it belongs — outside.

High-Rise Facade Cleaning: Skyscrapers might look cool from a distance but maintaining them is anything but. Luckily though, our team has been trained on how to clean these monsters using methods such as rope access facade cleaning services and aerial platforms.

Glass Facade Cleaning: The glass exterior on buildings provides a sleek modern aesthetic which means keeping it clean is crucial. Our team uses special techniques that ensure the end result is transparent and sparkly.

Facade Maintenance: Just like taking showers keeps people fresh-looking, maintaining your buildings exterior will help to prevent future deterioration brought on by weathering or other environmental factors

Facade Restoration: If you have an older building that seems like it has seen better days — we can help. Our restoration experts use innovative techniques to bring buildings back to life without removing the authentic aged look.

Why Skyline Cleaners is better

Our team isn’t just a bunch of pretty faces, each member has been picked for their expertise in the field and ability to tackle even the most difficult challenges. In addition, each team is trained on how to do what they do safely. Here are some other reasons why we’re better than our competitors:

Expertise: Unlike other companies, we don’t just take on jobs we know we can complete with ease. Instead, our technicians who have years of experience under their belts will show up with technique and efficiency top of mind.

Safety: No job is worth someone’s life which is why we have strict safety protocols and regulations in place at all times. If you’ll be working high up, make sure your boots are tied tight because nobody wants you falling off.

Quality: Think about when you finally get around to cleaning your house — it feels great right? Well now think about going through that process but for an entire building all while knowing that you’d never have to get your hands dirty again because this company would do it for you. We always provide outstanding results no matter the size or shape of your building.

Customer Satisfaction: It’s no secret that when people buy things or pay for services they want them done quickly and efficiently. We couldn’t agree more which is why fast response times are so important to us. Don’t worry though, speed doesn’t mean lackluster service — each client receives personalized attention and solutions tailored specifically for them.

Environmental Responsibility: The Earth has been through enough so let’s not add any more burden onto it okay? We always use eco-friendly products and practices whenever possible without sacrificing quality. No one likes a dirty world.