A Glance At the Inviting Hyundai Creta Interior

Stepping into the Hyundai Creta, one is greeted by a two-tone color scheme that sets a serene yet  stylish ambience. The dashboard and console have been revamped, showcasing a  fresh layout that integrates modern aesthetics with easy usability.  

Infotainment and Connectivity

At the heart of the dashboard lies a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with an eSIM for  connected car tech, elevating convenience and connectivity. Hyundai’s BlueLink connected car features informed and entertaining on the move seamless experience.  

Instrumentation and Control

The Hyundai Creta boasts a sportier steering wheel, enhancing the driver’s engagement with the  vehicle. Accompanying this, is a semi-digital instrument cluster that comprises a 7-inch digital  display surrounded by analogue dials, providing crucial driving data.

Comfort Features

The ventilated front seats and a power-adjustable driver seat are added to the comfort quotient.  While the rear seats miss out on a headrest for the middle occupant, they come with cushions for  

others, ensuring a cozy seating arrangement. Moreover, the panoramic sunroof brings in a sense of  openness, making the journey enjoyable.  

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Space Utilization: Creta Boot Space and More

The Hyundai Creta is well-regarded for its ability to efficiently manage space, ensuring both a  comfortable and practical driving experience. One of the standout features in this regard is the  Creta’s boot space. It’s generous enough to hold various items, making it a reliable companion for  shopping trips or weekend getaways. Whether you need to haul groceries, sports equipment or  luggage, the Creta’s boot is a hassle-free solution to your  storage needs.  

Moving inside the vehicle, the cabin space is another area where the Hyundai Creta shines. The  design is such that it maximizes the available room, providing ample space for all occupants to sit  comfortably, even on longer journeys. The legroom and headroom are satisfactory, ensuring  passengers don’t feel cramped. This is a significant advantage, especially in urban settings where  the comfort of the passengers can significantly enhance the overall driving experience.  

Variants and Powertrain Options

Hyundai offers the Creta in five variants – E, EX, S, SX, and SX(O), each catering to different  preferences. The engine options include 1.5-litre petrol and diesel units and a 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine. Transmission choices are also varied, allowing you to choose the one that aligns with your  driving style.  

Safety and Features

The robust body structure, adhering to elevated safety standards, guarantees a secure driving  experience for you and your family whenever you embark on a journey. The SUV comes with six  airbags, rear parking sensors, a tyre pressure monitoring system, and electronic stability control.  

The Hyundai Creta encapsulates a delightful blend of luxury, convenience, and efficiency, making it  a worthy consideration for anyone looking to buy a compact SUV. With the inviting  Hyundai Creta interior, robust engine options, and price that promises value, the SUV is poised to  continue its favorable run in the Indian automotive market.  

Hyundai Creta Car Price

The Hyundai Creta car price ranges between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 16 lakh, making it a competitive  choice among its counterparts like the Kia Seltos and Nissan Kicks. However, it’s advisable to  contact a Hyundai dealer in your region to know this SUV’s exact ex-showroom and on-road price.