All You Wanted to Know about Hurricane Impact Windows in Miami

You have come to the right place to know all about hurricane impact windows, Miami. Florida, the sunshine state with many prominent coastal cities, is vulnerable to hurricanes. Statistics compiled with over a century of hurricane data by many agencies confirm Florida and, especially, Miami on its southwest side is worst hit by hurricanes. From the Andrew hurricane in 1992 to the Ian in 2022, billions of dollars in loss and precious lives occurred. So, you must know about hurricane impact doors in Florida to avoid such losses. It will help you to replace your standard windows with hurricane impact windows by the best window company to have many benefits. Failing to do it will cause not only a lot of monetary and other losses but also to suffer from many issues. 

In this blog, check out all the information you want about hurricane impact windows in Miami to have all its benefits at affordable costs to be the best investment. 


What are hurricane-impact windows in Miami?

The low pressure created in the seas will cause hurricanes to hit the coastal cities worldwide to cause huge damages. The doors and windows blow out entirely because of the sudden pressure changes caused by the hitting storms. Hence, keeping the window and doors intact will help to control the pressure changes to avoid roof collapse and devastating damage.   Here, engineering comes into play in hurricane-impact windows in Miami to keep the properties safe from extreme weather conditions. Using strong laminated high-quality glass panes sandwiched with plastic film that are not even visible will avoid breaking from the high pressure created by hitting hurricanes. Also, it will help to prevent unwanted wind-borne debris entry into the properties that may cause many health issues. 

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How do hurricanes impact windows Miami work?

There are five hurricane categories with varying wind speeds to 74-95 mph, 96-110 mph, 111-129 mph, 130-156 mph, and over 157 miles per hour. Also, as per the increasing category of hurricanes, the damage caused to property and life is rising. It includes the five hurricane categories’ dangerous, devastating, and catastrophic injuries. Hence, hurricane impact windows in Miami, made from different quality glasses like laminates, tempered, and others are best for withstanding many category hurricanes. Also, apart from the different glazing options, different interlayers sandwich the glass panes using films. It includes PVB or polyvinyl butyral, EVA or ethylene vinyl acetate, etc, to reinforce glass panes to be solid and flexible to avoid breaking and protect the property from natural and artificial disasters. Also, it is strong enough to prevent projectiles from entering through the windows into the properties, reducing the chance of injuries and even saving precious lives.

The above facts will help you to know all about the best hurricane-impact windows in Miami to install them from the top and experienced window company to safeguard your home office or other properties from even category 5 hurricanes to avoid damages and other issues.