Gemstone Jewellery: What to Do If Your Gemstone Is Not Working?

Hello everybody, Welcome to my gemstone journey! I’m a 25-year-old lover of everything shimmering and mystical, especially 925 sterling silver gemstone jewellery. Throughout the years, I have dug deeply into the captivating universe of gemstones, finding out about their origins, properties, and importance. Today, I am eager to share my experiences on a theme that is near my heart: What to Do if Your Gemstone Isn’t Working. Whether you are a seasoned gemstone collector or a jewellery beginner, go along with me as we explore answers for opening the secrets behind the gemstone gems. We should make a dive and uncover the insider facts behind these brilliant fortunes!

Understanding the situation:

First of all, let’s tackle the main thing: why is your precious stone not doing what it is supposed to do? While there may be many different reasons for this: the crystal does not agree with your energy or it hasn’t been cleansed and charged yet. It may even go to the extent of unreasonable expectations or a lack of comprehension of the ways to use the gemstone’s energies properly.

Troubleshooting Solutions:

Cleansing and Charging: The number one step towards revitalising a gemstone is clearing it and elevating its energy level. Gems are prone to absorb the negative energy wirelessly, on top of being useless if they maintain the negative energy for a long time. By immersing it in water or letting it soak in salt water for the night, it can cleanse the gemstone. For this, the solar-powered impact of the sun or moon’s light has to be absorbed in a minimum of one solar cycle (e.g., 6 hours of sunlight).

Reconsider Your Goals: In some cases, the issue lies not with the actual gemstone but rather with our aims and expectations. Pause for a minute to ponder why you gained the gemstone in the first place. Are your aims clear and aligned with the properties of the gemstone? Changing your outlook and laying out practical objectives can greatly improve the way you see the gemstone’s effects.

Consult a professional: If you have had a go at everything and your gemstone isn’t working as expected, it may be time to seek guidance from a professional. Visit a trustworthy custom jewellery manufacturer or wholesale jewellery manufacturer who works in gemstone jewellery. They can give significant bits of knowledge and suggestions in view of their expertise and experience.


In other words, the experience of silver gemstone jewellery can be both thrilling and daunting. Yet, when keeping in mind the intricacies of gemstone vibrations as well as taking good care of our precious stones, we can be sure that they will radiate their energy and achieve their objective. Keep in mind that if your gemstone doesn’t perform as you expect it to, there is no cause for concern. The magic can be rekindled and tapped into by washing, reassessing intentions, and asking for assistance when necessary from wholesale gemstone jewellery suppliers like JewelPin. Hence, we embark on this glistening journey with open minds and hearts, capturing the splendour and mystery that gemstone silver jewellery brings into our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions – Gemstone Jewellery

Can I wear multiple gemstones at once?

A: Absolutely! Gemstone combination is a widespread embodiment of gemstone jewellery. On the other hand, it is crucial to note that their energies should match perfectly and not interfere with each other. Seeking guidance from a professional gemstone assorter or a jewellery expert can be very helpful, as the resulting combinations that will be created in your mind will be in tune with your goals.

How often should I cleanse my gemstone jewellery?

The frequency of purging your gemstone adornments depends on how frequently you wear them and the energies they experience. As a general thumb rule, it’s prescribed to cleanse your gemstone adornments every few weeks or at whatever point you feel their energy is becoming dull or neutral. Trust your instincts and cleanse your gemstones, depending on the situation, to keep up with their vibrancy.

From where can I buy authentic gemstone jewellery?

When you say trust in gemstone jewellery, you should look no further than JewelPin, a trusted source of silver gemstone jewellery, and they are one of the best manufacturers of gold-plated gemstone jewellery.