Google Fiber Speed Test- How to Do, Different Plans & Features

Google Fiber is a high-speed internet service provided directly by Google using fiber optic technology. It is provided by parent company Alphabet which offers breakthrough gigabit speeds up to 1000 Mbps – 100 times faster than average broadband. It has more than 450000 customers in the US. If you are using Google fiber or are planning to use it, this article will assist you know how to do google fiber speed test, different plans and key features.

How to do google fiber speed test?

You can run google fiber speed test by following these simple steps:

• Open any internet browser on your computer connected to Google Fiber. Go to the official Google Fiber speed test website by searching on the browser.

• The speed test website will automatically detect your Google Fiber connection. Click on the “BEGIN TEST” button to start the speed test.

• The test will first check your download speed by downloading a test file from Google’s server. It will show the download speed during this test.

• Once the download speed test is complete, it will automatically move to the upload speed test. It will upload a test file to Google’s server and display the upload speed.

• The main google fiber speed test result will show your actual Google Fiber download and upload speeds in Mbps (Megabits per second). It will also show the connection latency.

• Below the main result, you can see the bandwidth being used during the test by applications and devices on your network. It can identify bandwidth hogging apps.

• If you scroll down further, you can view detailed connection metrics like IPv4 address, DNS servers etc.

• To test wired connection speeds, run the speed test on your computer connected directly to the Google Fiber Jack using an Ethernet cable.

• For wireless speeds, connect your computer to the Google Wifi mesh router wirelessly and run the speed test over WiFi. Move closer to the router for best results.

• For accurate results, close all bandwidth heavy applications before running the speed test. Also ensure no one else is using the internet during the test.

• You can compare your measured speed results with the plan speed promised by Google Fiber to check if you are getting the correct speeds. Contact customer support if speeds are abnormally low.

• Run google fiber speed test at different times of the day and over multiple days to check speed consistency and identify peak usage hours.

Different Plans of Google fiber

Google Fiber offers superfast Gigabit internet plans with symmetrical download and upload speeds starting from 1 Gbps going up to an incredible 8 Gbps.

1. Fiber 1 Gig Plan

• Provides internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps
• Priced at $70/month with no contracts
• Offers unlimited data usage with no caps
• Includes 3 Google WiFi points for mesh WiFi coverage
• Supports internet access on 100+ devices simultaneously

2. Fiber 2 Gig Plan

• Delivers internet speeds up to 2000 Mbps
• Monthly cost of $100 with no hidden fees
• Provides unlimited high speed data usage
• Comes with 2 Google Nest Wifi routers and 2 points
• Allows streaming 8K videos, VR gaming, video conferences etc.

3. Fiber 5 Gig Plan

• Offers blazing fast 5000 Mbps on google fiber speed test
• Priced at $125 per month with no annual contracts
• Gives unlimited, unthrottled data usage
• Includes 3 Nest Wifi routers for gigabit WiFi access
• Supports advanced smart home applications and devices

4. Fiber 8 Gig Plan

• Provides massive 8000 Mbps internet speeds
• Most expensive plan at $150 monthly cost
• Offers unlimited uncapped data usage
• Comes with advanced WiFi 6 mesh system
• Enables new innovative technologies like quantum computing

Features of Google fiber

Now that you know how to do google fiber speed test and different plans, let’s check out the key features of it.

1. Blazing Fast Speeds

Google Fiber offers incredibly high internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps for downloads and uploads. This is 100x faster than average broadband speeds. The Gigabit plans provide up to 2000 Mbps and even 8000 Mbps for the fastest connections.

2. Symmetrical Uploads and Downloads

Google Fiber provides symmetrical download and upload speeds. This means you get equally fast uploads for activities like video calling, online gaming and streaming media creation.

3. Unlimited Data Usage

All Google Fiber plans come with unlimited monthly data usage. It is truly unlimited as there are no usage limit. You can download, stream and surf as much as you want without worrying about data limits.

4. Free Installation

Google Fiber provides free installation of the fiber optic network to your home. A fiber technician will handle the whole setup process without any installation charges.

5. WiFi Included

The monthly costs include rental of the Google Fiber Gateway router or advanced Nest WiFi routers. This provides full home WiFi coverage without any extra equipment charges.

6. No Annual Contracts

Google Fiber does not bind users with long term annual contracts. Services can be purchased monthly with no termination fees or hidden costs.

7. 24/7 Customer Support

Dedicated Google Fiber customer support is available 24/7 to help troubleshoot connection issues. Support is provided by true fiber optic technicians.

8. Constant Reliable Speeds

Google Fiber offers very reliable and consistent speeds at all times with near 100% uptime. Speeds do not vary unexpectedly regardless of usage patterns.

9. Low Latency

The high quality fiber network provides negligible latency. This enables smooth video calls, multiplayer gaming and uninterrupted streaming.

10. Pause Service Easily

You can easily pause the Google Fiber service when away for extended periods. Just pay $15 per month during the pause without losing service.

11. Security Features

Google Fiber provides essential security features like encryption to secure your home network and protect your privacy.


This shall clear your doubts on google fiber speed test. If you are looking for a reliable and fast internet connection, you can consider using Google fiber broadband. Although it has one of the highest starting prices, price is secondary to quality, and even though you could have found a better deal elsewhere, the experience more than makes up for the price for Google fiber.