How Machine Learning Companies are Creating Jobs in South Africa?

Machine Learning (ML) companies have become a significant part of South Africa’s technology spectrum. Entrepreneurs, including those young and seasoned, are venturing into ML as an offering for capitalizing millions of potential projects worldwide. No wonder the country is already home to nearly 200 startups offering AI-ML solutions!  However, while tapping into opportunities, these companies are also contributing appreciably to creating jobs in South Africa. Let’s look at some.
10 Experts with Job Opportunities in Machine Learning Companies
ML projects are complex and technology-intensive. Accordingly, Machine Learning companies require people with expertise in multiple areas to deliver them. So, if you are one among the below, you may seek employment in a Machine Learning company in SA.

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

ML engineers play an instrumental role in shaping an ML solution. They work closely with AI programmers, architects, and data scientists and implement AI applications. Their responsibilities also include supervising the programming, testing, and ongoing changes of automated systems and working with other technology specialists to enhance AI control systems and robotics. In addition, ML engineers also engage in continuous research and ensure improvements to AI-ML applications to maintain competence.

  1. Robotics Engineer

Robotics fundamentally deals with building machines to replicate human actions. Hence, its role is central to industries like mining, manufacturing, automobiles, and many other labor-intensive industries, involving a significant amount of repetitive work.
A Machine Learning company in SA may also employ a robotics engineer, considering their technical expertise in CAD practices and mechanical engineering to develop designs for numerous robotic applications. Their routine may include working closely with manufacturing and mechanical engineers, CAD specialists, and designers to implement design plans and develop robotic equipment for the desired use.

  1. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers have been around since time immemorial. ML applications also require expert computer programmers. Fundamentally, a computer programmer applies and tests code for computer and software functionalities. They collaborate with engineers and developers while building computer applications or programs. In addition, they transform software designs into codes that computers and networks use to function.

  1. Systems Integration Specialist

Systems integration specialists are another set of talent Machine Learning companies hire to contribute to the creation of ML applications. But what do system integration specialists do? They develop, install, test, and maintain various components of network and data management systems. Their work scope also includes handling security protocols, file management, and data transfer. In addition, they may help development experts in ML systems and AI data process integration.

  1. User Experience Designer

A solution’s user experience has become as significant as its features and functionalities. In fact, user experience isn’t devoid of the latter. A phenomenal user experience contributes to the solution’s success and the value it generates.
Professionals who make these wonders work are called UX designers. They use customer data like behavior, usage trends, engagement patterns, etc. Their role in AI involves assisting programmers, engineers, developers, etc. in integrating, modifying, and tracking application performance. UX evaluation also plays an instrumental role in designing interactive and automated applications.

  1. Information Systems Technician

Another set of professionals ML companies require and hire is information systems technicians. These professionals are responsible for programming, installing, and configuring hardware, network, and software applications.
Information systems technicians’ work with a company’s IT teams, network architects, and system designers to integrate technical solutions that help address functionality concerns. In AI-ML application development, the role of these technicians may involve assisting developers and engineers in integrating and maintaining ML systems.

  1. Full Stack Developer

If one is a full stack developer in South Africa and looking for some exciting career opportunities, they may consider applying to a Machine Learning company in SA to work on the front and back end of an ML application. Yes. But if someone is new to full-stack development, it might interest them to know that full-stack developers are in-demand professionals, considering their dual expertise in front and backend development.
In the AI-ML context, full-stack developers assist AI-ML engineers in various areas like interface and experience design, database development, feature and functionality development, etc. Their extensive skill set helps them qualify to work on demanding AI-ML application development projects.

  1. Systems Engineer

System engineers with relevant experience may also find employment in a Machine Learning company in South Africa. But what do system engineers do? They create, build, test, and analyze network, organizational, and automated systems to enhance the application’s functionality and efficiency. With regard to AI, system engineers develop and maintain automated systems and artificial networks.

  1. Deep Learning Engineer

Deep learning engineers use applications in AI-ML to design and build artificial neural networks. They work extensively with computer programmers and data scientists to develop and integrate natural languages required for deep learning systems to work.

  1. Data Scientist

Data scientist is one of the most sought-after positions across the technology world. Machine Learning companies in SA also employ data scientists in an appreciable number, considering the role they play. Data scientists with expertise in AI and ML apply predictive analysis and reporting to streamline, analyze, and modify data in automated and ML systems. Their work profile also includes studying data to understand how AI systems compute and respond to functionality and performance inputs.
Of course, there’s much more to the above. What we’ve seen is perhaps, half the story! We say perhaps because ML is evolving and growing rapidly. Hence, we may see many more job and career avenues emerging in the future, thus further prospering the ML career realm. No matter what, the future seems bright and promising.
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