How to Find Free Guest Posting Websites : A Comprehensive Guide



Finding free guest posting websites can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore the strategies and tips to help you discover valuable platforms that welcome guest contributions.Guest posting is an effective way to boost your online presence, establish authority in your niche, and build high-quality back links to your website.

Start with a Solid Foundation

Before diving into the search for guest posting opportunities, it’s crucial to have a well-structured website or blog. Ensure your website has high-quality, relevant content, a clear niche, and an engaging design. A polished online presence will make you more appealing to potential guest post hosts.

Identify Your Niche

Guest posting is most effective when you target websites in your niche or industry. Make a list of keywords related to your expertise or interests. This will serve as a foundation for finding websites that align with your content.

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Google is a powerful tool for finding guest posting opportunities. Use advanced search queries like “write for us,” “submit a guest post,” or “guest post guidelines” followed by your niche keywords. This will help you discover websites actively seeking guest contributors.

Social Media Networks

Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be gold mines for guest posting opportunities. Join relevant groups, follow industry experts, and engage with conversations. Many websites share guest posting opportunities through their social media channels.

Explore Guest Posting Directories

Several online directories curate lists of websites that accept guest posts. Examples include My Blog Guest and Blogger Linkup. These directories can save you time by providing a list of potential guest posting websites.

Analyze Competitors

Research your competitors and identify websites where they have guest posted. Tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush can help you uncover back links and guest post opportunities associated with your competitors’ websites.

Content Management Systems (CMS) Communities

If your website is built on a specific CMS like WordPress, look for forums and communities related to that CMS. Often, members share guest posting opportunities or invite others to contribute to their blogs.

Guest Posting Email Outreach

Once you’ve identified potential websites, create a compelling outreach email. Introduce yourself, explain why you’d be a valuable contributor, and mention specific ideas or topics you’d like to write about. Personalize each email to increase your chances of acceptance.

Follow Guest Post Guidelines

Most websites have specific guidelines for guest contributors. Carefully read and follow these guidelines to improve your chances of getting published. Ignoring them may result in rejection.

Track Your Progress

Keep a spreadsheet to track your outreach efforts, including the websites you’ve contacted, response rates, and publication status. This will help you stay organized and follow up with potential hosts.


Finding free guest posting websites requires diligence and a strategic approach. By following these tips and methods, you can discover valuable platforms to share your expertise, connect with your target audience, and improve your website’s SEO through quality back links. Remember that guest posting is not just about building links; it’s also about providing value to your audience and the host website.