I Phone Tips And Tricks 2023


This article assumes you’re using an ‌i Phone‌ with iOS 16, but some of these i phone tips and tricks will work on the iPad and earlier versions of Apple’s mobile operating system.

If you’re looking to cut down on the amount of time you spend performing certain actions on your iphone, there’s usually a solution hidden in Apple’s mobile operating system.

Apple’s iOS is so full of features that no single review or story can cover it all. So we compiled our favourite tips, tricks, and secrets for iOS and the iPhone. They’ll make your day—and your life—more productive and put you on the path to becoming an iPhone expert.

Fast Transition from Numbers to Letters

When you need to enter a number or symbol, the on-screen keyboard ‌ in iPhone often switches to the front, so here’s a tip to make the transition super fast.

To switch to the numeric/symbol keyboard, instead of tapping the 123 key, hold it and slide your finger to the desired key, then release. This single function enters a number/symbol and automatically switches back to alphabetical order, avoiding three separate taps to achieve the same result.

A Screenshot of the Entire Long Web Page

When you take a screenshot on your iPhone, a thumbnail appears in the lower left corner for annotations. Tap to switch to full screen. If you took a photo using the Safari Browser and your open web page exceeds the screen size, see the “Full Page” tab at the top. Tap it and a slider will appear to the right that shows the entire page, even if you don’t scroll through all of it. You can crop just the area you want, or save it as a PDF file, copy it, or delete it by just clicking done.

Drag up the Volume

Previously, you could only increase or decrease the phone’s volume using the physical volume up and down buttons on the left side of the iPhone, which added volume to the overlay screen. When you click the volume button, you can tap the slider on the screen to increase or decrease the volume. This slider displays an icon when you play with speakers or headphones via Bluetooth.

Quick Switch a Network or Bluetooth Connection

Don’t go to Settings every time you want to manually change your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth connection. Instead, you can access the Control Center by swiping. In the upper left corner, there are buttons to connect to aeroplane mode, mobile phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are grouped together. Long press the group and a menu will appear showing the AirDrop and Personal Hotspot buttons. Press the Wi-Fi button and you will see a quick menu of all available networks doing the same with Bluetooth to get a list of possible connections.

Teach SIRI Names

Sometimes Siri gets names tragically wrong. Sometimes he recognizes it and wonders if he should learn to say the name, but other times he needs to be corrected. Say “Hey Siri, learn to pronounce”. When it confirms the name you want to add to your contacts, it will ask you to say it and then show you options on the screen. Choose the one he knows.

Change SIRI Voice

Voice assistants have long used female voices. Siri has offered the ability to switch to a male voice since 2013. To change Siri’s voice, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice. In addition to the standard American female voice, you can choose an Australian, British, Indian, Irish or South African accent, along with a male or female voice. Set the language so that even though it sounds Irish, the voice uses American phrases.


If you have addition, subtraction, multiplication or division calculations that you need to do quickly, use the search bar. Search by swiping down from the middle of the screen on the homepage or widget page, type an action, and you’ll get an answer. It is flexible enough to understand that “x” and “*” can both be used for multiplication. It can even handle operations like 9^2 (9 squared, which equals 81) or 90 (9, which is 9% of 100). Click Go on your keyboard and it will take you to the Calculator app.

The built-in calculate app in iOS is pretty basic, but it gets powerful when you switch your phone to landscape mode. This makes it a scientific calculator with exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric options. Click Delete (C) to delete the last entry or Delete All (AC) to delete all entries. But if you enter one wrong number and get stuck, swipe. Swiping in either direction at the top of any calculator screen will delete the last entered number. Swipe to discard a pair in a row.

Make Custom Ringtones for Each Contact

Want to know who’s calling without looking at the screen? Set a custom ringtone for most callers. Enter their contact information, click Edit above, and scroll down to ringtone to get the complete list of ringtones available on your iPhone. For a list of the original ringtones that came with the first iPhones, click the Classic button below. Even the alert sounds you normally use for incoming messages can be used for phone calls. If you edit this contact, you can set a custom text tone in exactly the same way.

To send an emergency message, press and hold the power button on the bottom right and one of the volume buttons on the left you can use the emergency SOS slider or hold the buttons to start a countdown, sound an alarm, and send messages to your emergency contacts when the call goes to 911. This is even more effective on the latest iPhones that have emergency assistance via satellite.


Is there someone or something in the foreground of the photo that deserves to be preserved without being behind it? The latest iPhone photo trick is part of Visual Look Up. Tap the part you want to save and it will pop up a little bit on the screen asking you to copy or share it but you can also drag it and place it elsewhere. The background becomes transparent. This also works for images you see in Safari.

The iPhone makes this easy as you’re shooting video, look for the white circle shutter button any time you tap that while you shoot, it snaps a still image you’ll see all of them in your camera roll they’ll be video-resolution quality, though, not the multi-megapixels you’re typically shooting with the still-camera option on the phone.


Sometimes you just want to write a note or draw. You can get great apps for this, but the Notes app can handle it too. Click the pen tip icon on a new or old note to display a menu of writing tools (marker, highlighter, or pen) at the bottom, as well as an eraser and lasso that let you capture the entire drawing area. Hold your finger on the tool to select different line thickness options, tap the colour wheel to change the colour and transparency of the virtual link or lead.

Go to Settings > Notes > Password. Tap iCloud or On My Phone, then enter your password, confirm it, and give yourself a hint. You can also enable Touch ID or Face ID to require both methods to open your notes, but you’ll still need to enter a passcode. However, it won’t instantly add a password to your Notes app: swipe left in the app and tap the lock to protect a specific note.

Set up Face Id to Work with a Mask
Face Id is designed to work with the eyes, nose, and mouth, which are all visible from the camera. But you can still hide Apple has introduced the ability to use facial authentication even when your mouth and nose are covered – the scan only captures your eyes. It’s not that secure, but it works.


There are numerous tips and tricks for smartphone users available online nowadays. Whatever you use Android, or Apple, you can get really strange methods to get ride on tasks, problems. Just keep increasing your knowledge and reading the latest stuff will help you to use your smartphones more wisely in 2023.