Life of an international students in Canada: Problems and solutions

Life of an international students “Problems” and “solutions” in Canada

In this current scenario, Studying in a foreign country is the dream of every youngster. But where the thoughts of excitement to explore a new nation come along with making adjustments while residing there is also equally important. To make your ambitions a reality, you must apply for a visa to travel to your desired study location. Along with this, you should be aware of anything that could lead to your visa being denied.

This is because it can change your mindset before applying for a study visa when you have information about all aspects.

Well, to gain information about challenges while studying in your favorite study destination is quite important. We prepared this piece article for those who are still struggling with this problem. Along with this, we provide you with some real-life experiences and difficulties faced by international students.

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List of common challenges faced by international students:

Language Barrier 

When you are shifting to another country for higher studies or work you have to be familiar with the language of that country. It is commonly seen that most of the students face problems while speaking with native speakers. This results in the creation of a language barrier among them. To resolve this hurdle, you can join speaking courses that will aid you while living in Canada without any difficulty. Try to speak in English with your fellow friends and join online speaking tutorials to practice more.

Financial Problems

The majority of the students complained about money-related issues such as paying bills for accommodation, groceries, and other miscellaneous expenditures. The main reason for this concern is the exchange of the currency. But did you know your Canadian student visa allows you to study and work at the same time? Yes, sure, you can work along with your studies to manage your financial constraints. To work for longer hours you can apply for a Work permit visa in that you can work as long as you want. Hence, these solutions lighten your burden of paying bills and all.

Finding suitable Accommodation

There are a number of factors to be considered as important while finding accommodation in Canada. For instance, the rent of your living area, distance from your university, and other preferences that you expect in your living space. To overcome this, we recommend you to befriend the students who have already gone through this procedure. Additionally, you can get information from the Internet about the housing that is suitable for you.

Struggles with academics 

This is the primary reason you are in Canada in the first place. The struggle with academics is a very normal thing because you are completely in the new education system. You have pressure to complete your daily assignments, and projects while combating homesickness. The pro tip to tackle this issue is to choose the relevant course to your previous studies. This will assist you with an easy understanding of the subject matter. Furthermore, you can seek help from your professors, and friends. Apart from this, you can join an academic support program organized by your school to build up your learning skills.


The feeling of homesickness is natural when shifting to a new place leaving your family and friends behind. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience of living independently before or not. To escalate this feeling, you can do various things. Such as joining fitness centers like gyms, and making new friends. Attending social parties and public events will help you get rid of this feeling. Interacting with new people makes you socially active as well.

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Wrapping up

The above article will help you to maintain a positive look at the situation, doesn’t matter how hard it gets. Also, it will support you to surround yourself sounding community, asking for help when needed, and so on. Most importantly, stay connected with your family because only those who are concerned about you with pure heart.